Trade Spare Capacity

Grow Your Business, Save on Overheads, Improve Cashflow

 Up to £1,000 of new sales into your business

 Make use of your spare capacity

✔ Interest-free credit line of up to £100K

 Ease your cash flow and save on overheads

 Free booster account saving you £347

Value To You

Through this Advantage benefit, the team at BBX will get working on finding you a new customer worth up to £1,000 in sales value for free, saving you up to £200 on the normal fees.

When you continue past this point you’ll receive a free booster account valued at £347 - so that’s a total saving of over £500! 

How much you save from using your spare capacity to fund other overheads is up to you!


We’re all busy people but that doesn’t stop us having spare capacity. Whether that’s too much stock, empty rooms or seats, advertising space, the use of a system or platform or the chance to leverage more of your own time.

This is where the BBX trade exchange platform comes in. A BBX Account is a secondary bank account that enables a company to sell otherwise worthless spare capacity, without discounting, to guarantee additional customers provided by the BBX account team.
Through Advantage, the team at BBX have agreed that to show you just how powerful this can be: they’ll go and find you a new customer, with a sales value of up to £1,000, with no fees attached. You’ll then be able to spend that balance across the BBX network without even having to open an ongoing BBX account.

If you take on a BBX account you’ll get a free booster account, saving you £347, and have an instant, interest-free credit line of £1000, meaning that there’s an immediate cashflow benefit to your business. If you choose to upgrade your account then, amongst other perks, you could have a credit line of up to £100k. You purchase the services or products you need through the BBX network, then you balance your BBX account by trading your spare capacity.

Sound too good to be true? Well that's not all. As a vibrant business community BBX also hold networking events for you to attend and assign you a dedicated account manager to facilitate your activity in the community – another pair of hands for your business! As there is no cost to this offer it’s a great way to experience the BBX community first hand. 

So that’s new customers, that you don’t have to find, and spare capacity utilised - what have you got to lose?
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