Discounted Legal Support Packages

Fixed fee plans - so you have the support when you need it most

 Fixed price monthly plans

 Access to legal advice

 Manage documents

 Pick which tier works for you

 Discounted rates for legal support

Value To You

The discounted plans can save you over £100 per year.

The value of the plan itself, and the peace of mind it can bring, will far outweigh that with comprehensive but affordable legal support for your business.The 3 month free trial is valued at almost £90. And the ongoing 50% discount is valued at a further £180 p/a.

The knowledge of how your business is viewed by potential creditors, and the ability to work on areas of improvement, can be invaluable.

Legal advice & support can be a costly business. It’s something we hope we never have need to call upon, but as and when you do wouldn’t you like to know that you have the right support in place, and at the right cost?
It’s why we’ve partnered with Lawbite. As part of your advantage benefits not only do you get free 15 minute consultations on any new issue (check out that benefit here) but you can also receive a discounted rate on their fixed price plans.

Select the tier based on the level of support you think you're going to require and then sit back with the peace of mind that all your business legal needs are taken care of at a price you're comfortable with.
LawBite recently conducted a YouGov survey to establish the cost to SMEs of not taking care of their legal business and the risks they take as a result. They interviewed 1,000 SMEs in the UK and the results were then analysed by the Centre of Economics and Business Research (CEBR). You can watch the video here
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