Easily ensure your website is GDPR compliant


  Ensure that your website meets the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation rules

  Avoid potentially huge fines

  This low-cost privacy policy template gives you huge savings compared to using solicitors

  Privacy policies from only £120+VAT

Value to you

The value of this benefit can be quantified in several ways. First of all, you will save £30 on a policy through your Advantage Benefits.

Secondly, the saving could easily run into the thousands compared to using a solicitor to do this for you. 

Lastly, what are the cost of non-compliance and the potential fine? It is still not really known how GDPR will be enforced. Can you afford to take the chance of non-compliance?

Updating your website’s privacy policy for GDPR, which comes into effect in 2018, is essential – you simply cannot be compliant without doing so.

Your website is one of the few parts of your business affected by the GDPR which is public and therefore visible for anyone to see. This includes not only the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) itself, but also your customers and competitors, any one of whom could report you to the ICO for non-compliance, and the ICO is obliged to act on complaints they receive.

Failing to have a compliant privacy policy is specified as one of the breaches that can attract the highest fines - up to €20,000,000 or 4% of turnover (whichever is greater).

The GDPR’s requirements for privacy policies are very challenging to satisfy, and failure to meet a single requirement is an instant breach. And, unlike many of the GDPR’s other requirements, this can easily and instantly be proven.

Despite all this, it is also (fortunately) one of the most cost-effective to meet. For just £120, you can obtain high-quality GDPR- compliant documentation for your website, which can be adapted to work across all facets of your business.

This is a fraction of what it generally costs to comply with the GDPR’s other obligations or to have a solicitor prepare such documentation for you, either of which can easily run into the £1000's.

To claim your exclusive £30 discount and access the full suite of GDPR-compliant website documents, together with guidance notes for adapting them to your business and numerous other documents and templates to assist you in preparing for the GDPR, just follow the access benefit button and enter the code ‘practiceadvantage’ at check out.

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