Email Marketing under GDPR

What you need to know and do to continue email marketing with confidence


 Get your email marketing GDPR proof

 Learn how to effectively gain opt ins, gather the right data, and market to your list 

 Exclusive 20% discount 

Value To You

The 20% discount will save you almost £50, but the real value comes from being able to market your business in the best possible way. Whats one more customer worth to you?

The consequences of not getting this right could be a hefty fine enough to cripple a small business.

The GDPR “Deadline” of May 25th 2018 has now been and gone. What does that mean for your business? 

While marketing has continued in one form or another many business owners are unsure exactly what they can and can't do with email marketing, what best practice is, and what the potential pitfalls are.

That's why we're working with eCommerce Masterplan. They're experts in digital marketing and have been keeping a close eye on all things GDPR to try and help you work through the minefield that is email marketing in a post GDPR world.

Their online course will give you all the tools you need to confidently continue to grow and market to your list - ensuring your business continues to prosper.

There's an exclusive 20% discount through advantage and you can find out more by hitting the button below.
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