Currency exchange

Better exchange rates for foreign currency


  Exclusive rates and currency risk management to protect profits

  Typical savings against High Street banks of 5%+

 No transfer fees

 Free currency audit and ongoing guidance from a dedicated currency specialist, fully FCA registered for peace of mind

 High touch service and secure online trading platform for quick, simple transfers

Value of this benefit

Compared to the High Street banks, Advantage’s partnership with Halo Financial means you should be at least 5% better off when making overseas payments or managing overseas currencies.

We’ll let you do the maths, but whatever your transactional value it’s a significant number when talking about your finances.

If your business is trading overseas or making international payments then you’ll be aware of how not only uncompetitive exchange rates but also the risks of fluctuating currency markets can have a direct impact on your company’s profitability. A poor rate of exchange can often mean the difference between success and failure, profit or loss. Additionally, for too many people buying or selling an overseas currency can be a bewildering and time-consuming business.

That’s why Advantage has partnered with Halo Financial. They’re currency experts who provide exclusive rates and can also help you to create currency strategies to mitigate the risk posed by volatile currency markets. 

Are you losing out on foreign exchange transactions? 

With the political and economic outlook uncertain, it has never been more important to manage currency risk and protect profits with a robust strategy and careful forward planning, However, many companies still dramatically underestimate the amount of money that can be saved. With the right currency management the potential savings for your business, whether you are an accountancy or finance professional or a growing business, are significant. It is difficult to manage all this effectively by staying on top of the currency markets and how they affect your transactions while running a business or finance department at the same time. This is where expert support in navigating these currency markets and creating a business currency strategy can prove invaluable in protecting your profitability. Through the Advantage programme, Halo Financial are on hand to help. 

Here’s an example of the type of value you can expect to receive from Halo:

Buying £10,000
worth of Euro
Buying £100,000
worth of Euro
High Street Bank
Halo Financial (through Advantage)

*The exchange rate shown is an indicative rate and should be used as a guide only. As exchange rates fluctuate by the second we recommend you contact Halo Financial to obtain an accurate quote and to see exactly how much you could save compared to using a High Street bank.

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