B2B Sales Data

Get market-leading, tailored sales data from Corpdata

✔ Corpdata provide tailored marketing lists for B2B marketing

✔ Receive a sales targeting consultation

✔ Receive 5% extra sales data with this exclusive offer

✔ Receive documentation proof of the data's compliance with GDPR

Are you frustrated at the number of sales coming into your business? Struggling to understand why all your hard work doesn’t produce the rewards it deserves? Maybe it’s because you’re speaking to the wrong people, maybe it's because you're using poor quality data. But how do you find your ideal customers? Battling with gatekeepers and no-name policies of larger organisations can be a time consuming and frustrating experience.

If you haven't yourself, you probably know someone who has purchased poor sales data with unconvincing - or even inactive - leads. Well Corpdata are so confident in the quality and accuracy of their data that if you come across a lead that no longer exists, not only will they give you your money back, they'll double it.

They provide customers with high-quality, relevant marketing lists tailored to your specific requirements after a free consultation. Aware of the increasing difficulty in obtaining legally compliant marketing data, Corpdata have also evolved to become experts in marketing under GDPR. They'll provide you with documentation proving the data you receive complies with GDPR, giving you peace of mind so you can market with confidence.

To get started, all you have to do is request a callback for a free consultation so you can purchase data targeted for your specific audiences. Don't forget with Advantage you'll also receive 5% more data on usual packages!
Start improving your lead quality with Corpdata today!
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