Free Website Checker & Performance Report

Discover where your website can be improved thanks to Yell's free service 

 Free comprehensive report covering multiple areas of your website and online presence

 Checks your website for mobile optimisation and security 

 Rates your site for content and code quality

 Evaluates your social media presence

Value To You

Most web companies would charge a fee for this analysis, but with this offer Yell is offering you a completely free, comprehensive website report.

The real value comes from understanding where you can develop your website so that it performs better for your business.

For many, if not all, businesses their website is a key marketing asset - their shop window to the world.

But what if it's falling short in certain areas? Do you have the skills to be able to identify this?

What are the benefits of running a website check?

The free website checker tool from Yell will search your website and tell you how your website performs and highlight what changes you should be making to improve your search engine visibility, mobile optimisation, website security, page speed and other key online measurements.
Here’s an overview of checks the performance tool does:




It is important to have your website optimised for mobile devices as search engines give more weighting to mobile friendly websites

Social media

Did you know social media presence can help with SEO? Increasing your posts or tweets will help retain existing followers and raise engagement

Website speed

Page speed is a ranking factor for search engines like Google. A fast loading site will not only help your business in rankings but keep users from leaving


The website checker will see if your organisation has reviews in Google, Yell and Foursquare as reviews can have a big impact on local search results and ranking

Last Updated

Updating a website regularly can make search engines crawl and index your site more often and faster. Also, visitors perceive up-to-date websites as more credible

Internal links

Well defined internal links not only help visitors navigate your website but links with unique keywords to describe the destination can help with SEO

Unique titles

Unique titles and meta descriptions can help drive and increase clicks to your website. Duplicate content like titles can have an impact on your search engine rankings

Alt tags

Images should use alternative text as it not only helps visually impaired users understand what is on-screen but it can also have a positive impact on a website’s SEO
To access your report just hit the button below. You'll be taken to the relevant section on where you can input your URL 
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