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Since 25th May 2018, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) - the independent authority that upholds & enforces information rights - has been working through thousands of reported breaches and have begun dishing out fines (Google have just be fined £44m but it's happening to businesses of all sizes). You can even follow the ICO in its enforcement action and their “name & shame” campaign which you can see here.
One thing many organisations missed was the need for a data protection officer (DPO). If you're processing large volumes of data or sensitive personal data, it is a legal requirement for you to have a DPO.
Not having one could result in a fine of 2% of your turnover  – so it’s serious business.

As with any new legislation, the boundaries of when you're required by law to appoint a DPO can be a grey area. That’s why we’ve partnered with DPO Assist, a leading UK data protection consultancy. They provide a completely free, no obligation, consultation service to help you understand whether your business could be at risk. If you then realise you are required to have a DPO at your business, you can outsource to DPO Assist who will provide you with an expert, more affordable alternative to appointing one yourself.

With data protection, depth and volume of experience are critical to ensuring proper compliance. DPO assist provides both.

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